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13 February 2012 @ 07:21 pm
Reading "The Satanic Rituals" by Anton LaVey, the section on the Black Mass got me thinking. It talks of having a priest, a deacon, a subdeacon, a nun, an altar, and an illuminator, and everyone but the nun and the altar wearing black hooded robes. The altar being a nude woman, and a nun being, well, a nun, in the traditional habit and wimple. But see, if the point of the Black Mass is to subvert the Catholic mass, then there's something missing. You've still got men in the usual roles and women in the usual roles. Only the altar, the words, and the clothing of the men are really different from a usual Catholic mass. So I was thinking... to truly subvert the Catholic mass, there need to be a few changes made:

1. All the usual male roles (priest, deacon, etc) should be done by women, in replicas of the proper clothing for their Catholic counterparts (priest garb, deacon garb, etc), but modified with the symbol for brimstone instead of a cross.

2. The altar should be a nude man. I haven't read far enough to find out if there's anything the altar is supposed to receive, but men have anuses, so there's that to consider.

3. The nun should be a very manly man in a traditional nun's outfit. Preferably a man with a beard.

4. Any gendered pronouns in the text of the mass should be reversed to fit the new gender roles.

5. Hell, for that matter, does Satan necessarily have to be male? Seems Satanism generally replaced one male deity with another. Or, if Satan's gender is so assurred, why not do a Satanic Mass to Lilith or other feminine dark power?

6. Maybe even transwomen and transmen instead of men and women?

~ ~ ~

On a side note, I feel like a bit of an idiot. Right there on page 45 of this book is a perfectly good extant Satanic version of the Our Father:

Celebrant (priest):

Our Father which art in Hell, hallowed be Thy name.
      Thy kingdom is come, Thy will is done; on earth as it is in Hell!
      We take this night our rightful due, and trespass not on paths of pain.
Lead us into temptation, and deliver us from false piety, for
Thine is the kingdom and the power and the glory forever!

Deacon and subdeacon:

And let reason rule the earth.
23 December 2011 @ 11:26 pm
After an incident yesterday, I was hoping to find some Satanic hexes in Latin that I could memorize, so if anyone gives me shit, I can be like "In nomine Satanas..." to scare them off. But I suck at Latin, and Google searches for such hexes are extremely annoying. So if anyone has any ideas, links, or whatever, I would be greatly appreciative. Thanks in advance.

Ave Satanas!
31 August 2011 @ 08:15 pm
I'm wondering how accurate this list of demons and their sigils is, because I can't find Aciel on Wikipedia or any other reliable online source. I haven't tried others yet, but I will. Just curious if anyone knows if this picture is accurate or claptrap? I found it online.
06 February 2009 @ 02:23 pm
A thought just occurred to me, and I hope this startles you as much as it startled me because... well, I hate to admit it, but George W. Bush was actually *right* about something for once. He was correct when he said the extremist Muslims like bin Laden "hate our freedoms." What he failed to mention, however, is that as a Dominionist Christian, he too hates our freedoms. If he didn't, then why did he and his cronies work so hard to subvert them?

Why's this? Because any religion that seeks to be the only religion for all the people it can reach, all Dominionist/Fundamentalist/Extremist religions fear the freedom of choice, because they know they'll end up on the losing side of such a choice. After all, what sane human being would choose fear, self-loathing, and cowering in slavish obedience to a wrathful and slave-driving God who looks upon him as little better than cattle? None. And so the priests and rabbis and pastors and imams of dominionist religions use cultish tactics to keep their flock in fear and cowering to them in obedience, cowering to them because they supposedly speak for their god(s). Them, and only them. They make sure to pound that into your brain, alright: "you are slaves and God is the master." But what is really being taught is "you are the slaves, we are the masters."

All Dominionist versions of a religion are cult versions of that religion. The only differences among Dominionist Christianity, Dominionist Islam, Dominionist Judaism, cults, and any other Dominionist religion are superficial at best. The core philosophies - "you are a bad person but can be saved by your god(s) if you repent and offer yourself up as a slave to your god(s)" - are always the same. This becomes rather obvious when satired in shows like Stargate: SG1 where a multitude of various "gods" all tell their followers the same thing: "I am your God, you are my slave; I shall show you no mercy if you serve another."

Something that far too many people, even a lot of those who think they have freed themselvelves from the hold a dominionist religion have on them (such as atheists), fail to realize is that it is not God or the gods who are evil, slave-driving dominionists; it is the priests, the rabbis, the imams, the pastors of dominionist versions of religions that are the slave-driving, dominionist, wrathful masters. Dominionist religions are NOT about god or the gods, except where those are useful tools to get the masses to bend to their will.

"Controlling, manipulative, caring only for their own desires and pretending to be good; putting forth a good face while they secretly engage in evil and immoral practices; willing to sacrifice the lives of human beings to their evil Lord." This, and other things, are said of Satanists by the Dominionists. But just as humans have tended (and some still do) to project their own evils onto wolves, so the Dominionists project their own evils onto Satanists, or witches, or atheists, or heretics. It's a way of distracting attention from their own evils, and in a slave society it works perfectly. But society the world over is leaning more and more towards freedom, and in a free society such tactics are limited in their usefulness; eventually the truth comes out. They try to distract us with threats from God and scapegoating Satanists, witches, darwinists, scientists, homosexuals, and anyone else they can but themselves. It's all Wizard of Oz crap: "Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain!" Because when we pull back that curtain, what we see is the disgusting truth. Child-molesting priests being protected by the church being the most extreme example. Why, recently Pope Nazinger even pardoned and re-communicated a fellow bishop or somesuch who had been ex-communicated by Pope John Paul what's-his-number for claiming that the holocaust never happened. Which, in my mind, proves the whole Ratzinger/Nazi connection.

If Satan is the Opponent, as his name means in Hebrew, then Satanists are opponents to the status quo. And a long-standing status quo has been that Dominionists rule religions. I think it wise to remember that it is not religion or spirituality that are the enemy, but the cultishness of the Dominionist influences. It is not Christianity that is the enemy, or Islam, or Judaism, it is the dominionist influences within those and other religions. It is not the Right Hand Path that is the enemy, it is the evil that hides amongst the RHP, it is the dominionists. Religion and spirituality, when used wisely and correctly, are good things. It's the dominionists who ruin it for everyone.

~ ~ ~

Cross-posted to chaosmas, omni_magick, and my personal LJ. Possibly others as well, I haven't decided yet.
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09 January 2009 @ 10:31 am
Hi, I'm new here. Found the place by accident. Looks like a good place to post my rant.

It's a Satanic philosophy that might does indeed make right. But is this a serious belief, or was it just professed by LaVey because that's the way human society works anyway and he was just pointing out the truth to those who were pretending it was otherwise?

And even if it's a motto those in power live by, is it actually true? I think not. If might really were right, if power really were in numbers, then the black race would be the mightiest race in America. Maybe the whites in power know this, because they keep pushing the black race down. Crappy education, crappy jobs for crappy pay - so bad that even two jobs can't make ends meet, crappy places to live, violence in every non-white neighborhood, and on and on. Oh, you get the occasional exceptional individuals rising up out of the poverty and becoming great, you get the occasional truly great people like Barack Obama, but for the most part it seems that those in power want things the way they are so that the black man stays down where they want him.

The USA may have officially abolished slavery in the 1860s, and the 1960s brought the civil rights movement, but nothing has really changed. All that's changed is that now it's a big secret that the blacks are still slaves. No one wants to admit it, but it's true. They may not be wearing shackles, they may not be on plantations picking cotton, they may be "free" to roam around and "do as they please," but it's all a lie. They're being made to work long hours for crappy pay that's just barely adequate for their needs, they're not getting the same quality or quantity of education as white children are, they're made to live in crappy conditions, and even though there's things like affirmative action, the law is still against them. The cops, who are always the enforcers of the slaveowners, make sure to "keep them in their place."

And while it's true that, ultimately, no one is free as long as governments exist, at least whites have better conditions and more pretend freedom than even the non-whites, especially the blacks, have. And it's sickening! This country that calls itself the land of the free and home of the brave is so full of shit that it's coming out their ears! Equal opportunity my ass! It is disgusting that half or more of a nation's population can be so poor and under-educated, and then there's an economic collapse and the rich people and the priveleged people sit there and wonder why! Could it be because, I dunno, HALF THE COUNTRY WAS THERE IN THE GUTTER ANYWAY? How can anyone expect USA to truly flourish as long as there are still so many people being kept down?

If nothing else, I would think that the realities of economics would motivate them to change things. Or, put more simply: greed. Yes, you greedy bastard CEOs, there's motivation for you: invest in education for non-whites, invest in bringing them up to the same level as the whites you've been sheltering for so long, and you'll have an influx of new jobs and, more importantly to you, more CONSUMERS. Give everyone better-paying jobs with benefits, making them happy and giving them more free time and money, and you get a serious influx of new customers ready and willing to buy buy buy! There's your solution to the economic crisis, everyone: STOP KEEPING THE NON-WHITES DOWN!

I fully expect 1% of all your profits when you hit it big by implementing my advice.
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02 January 2009 @ 07:21 pm
Since the page looks pathetically blank, I suppose I shall start with an introductory post for this community.

This is a community for the discussion of Satanism, satanic beliefs, principals, values, etc. As long as it is related to satanism (or Christianity) I'm pretty open-minded about the topics.

Hopefully we can all be intelligent and civilized and I won't have to put up any list of rules. I will not tolerate posts with no relevance to satanism or satanic philosophers. I will also not put up with those ridiculous Christians who dedicate their lives to posting bible verses on Satanic pages on the internet, proclaiming their desire to "Save" those who have fallen. We did not fall, we jumped. You should feel at ease here.